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JPR 02

Material: concrete
Sizes: 50 х 47 х 40(h) cm | 60 х 57 х 35(h) cm
Production: from 20 working days
Shipping: by courier company and paid separately
Packaging:  packaging not included in the cost and paid separately

*colors on the screen may differ from real ones
**possible to make in a different color and / or size

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50 х 47 х 40 см, 60 х 57 х 35 см

JPR 02 Table
JPR comes from Jaiphur, «the pink city» of India. Hundreds of temples, pastel colours and whimsical architectural forms became a symbol of this place. The round-shaped from of the table reminiscent iconic buildings, and delicate palette of the line return us to the atmosphere of this beautiful place.
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